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Anxiety/Panic, PTSD and OCD

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Anxiety/Panic, Obsessive/Compulsive  and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders are all similar in that the subconscious mind perceives a threat to your health or safety and reacts by sending signals to the brain that stimulate a  response in the body.

For clients experiencing Anxiety Disorder or Panic Attacks this creates very uncomfortable emotional and physical reactions that may last from minutes to days or even months.

For clients experiencing PTSD, this may create flashbacks to the traumatic event so that you relive the bad experience and/or feelings over and over and over, without ever resolving the outcome.

For clients experiencing OCD the subconscious mind reacts by sending messages to the conscious mind that certain behaviors or avoidance of places, things, numbers, etc. will relieve the anxiety.  In other words, the behaviors associated with OCD are an attempt to relieve a subconscious anxiety.


How does Hypnotherapy help?

Unlike traditional talk therapy, hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind (which initiates the response), instead of the conscious mind (which only observes the response and is often confused by it). And unlike medications, hypnotherapy addresses the source of the problem, rather than the symptoms of the problem.

Hypnotherapy can significantly decrease the frequency, severity and duration of these experiences, and may very well resolve them altogether.

Every client has his or her own experiences that lead to the dis-ease. Hypnotherapy gently allows the client to resolve the feelings that lead to unwanted behviours and physical responses. The hypnotherapist does not judge the reason or seek to minimize it; clearly it is important to you if it is creating a disturbance in your life. The goal of hypnotherapy is to guide the subconscious into gently resolving the issue naturally so that the client can be completely and permanently free of the need to react to those issues.

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I found Janet online and am so happy that I did. I suffered from overwhelming fears, that would keep me up at night and keep me from doing things during the day. After a few visits with Janet I have not had an episode and sleep well and do not constantly look over my shoulder when I am out and

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